Meet the Man with “So Much Love” 


(The Story behind Papa Beeto) 

By: Robby Johnson 

     The last three decades, Estavan Anderson, a.k.a Papa Beeto has been surrounded by the music circle. Born in Kingston Jamaica, he has always had a passion for music ever since he was little. He ended up doing his very first recording in 1984 with the song called “Shoalin Fighting”. After recording his first song, he had gained inspiration from this to make even more music. Then he went on to make another song that became a big hit entitled “Gold Chain Money”, which was nominated for several awards. After that he had decided to team up with reggae singer Steve Knight, followed by more hit songs including: “Where the Money Deh”, “Mad Man”, “Get the Grammy”, “The Girl is Mine”. These songs became very popular among the reggae genre of Jamaica. 

     Papa Beeto has shared the stage with major acts such as Dennis Brown: The Crown Prince of Reggae, The late Notorious Biggs, Sanchez and many more! Now he has resided in South Florida, he has made some well-known songs entitled, Read the Bible, Thank you Lord, Grandma and etc. In 2017 Papa Beeto has had two number one songs on one of the biggest Jamaican radio stations W.A.V.S to his credit. Those songs are “Tell Them Come” and the extremely popular “So much Love”. The video for “So Much Love” was released on September 30th of 2017 and is being enjoyed greatly by his fans and other radio stations have spread the word about it like HOT 105.5 and 99 Jams. This song is well known all across the Caribbean communities and due to HOT 105.5 it has been recognized to all of America. His newest song “Boy” is currently one of the most requested songs in Florida at the moment. 

     Along with his music, Papa Beeto has traveled to some countries such as Japan, New England, across America and the Caribbean islands. Travels like these have been very resourceful as they had made him gain his often mentioned name. There is much more to come for Papa Beeto’s career including the song named “The Truth ft. King Banton”. This uprising reggae artist has tons in store for him as his career continues to grow rapidly. Some say he might even work his way to the top of the reggae charts if they continue to hear more of him. Meet Papa Beeto, the man on the mission to spread love.